About Academy Scout

We support international students find their dream university online. Upon filling our inquiry form, Academyscout gets back to you based on the information you provided us via the admissions center with the aim of advising and guiding you on making an informed decisions on where to study. Based on your decision, we will then liaise with your university of choice to help you get enrolled.

We are the only company in the country offering this form and level of customer service including the call back guarantee. The dedicated customer support team members are highly interactive hiding you through the exploration of the options at the table for you. The staff members are multi-lingual having gone through months of training to ensuring that every needs of our clients are met maximally.

Our team also collaborates with busy university admission teams by consulting with volumes of students worldwide to ensure some of the primary requirements are met before making an introduction at the institution. This engagement is not only convenient to the university but also the student.